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 My MANY Suggestions for the new server! 
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Post My MANY Suggestions for the new server!
Alright, this will probably be a long one, ill have them condensed into categories to make life easier :D
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First off, I believe new ranks should be in order, they should go like this
Guest, Builder, Builder+, Advbuilder, Architect, Supervisor, Operator, Super Operator, Admin, Owner
The Benefits imo of having these new ranks will be Supervisor, it's not quite operator, but it is a stepping stone just above architect so they can ban people and undo them 5400 seconds, operator is the same, super operator will have maybe 2-3 people in it, and they are not as powerful as the Admin, but they can still manage the server efficiently and have a max undo. The building ranks I believe should also be less difficult. I know we love our high standards here, but we have to face facts, some people just don't have the talent, but they love to supervise and have a passion for banning griefers (Reserved to the Supervisor Position).

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Alrighty, advertising really shouldn't be all that difficult, this could be a good way to get new people to try out the server, inevitably it will bring more griefers as it always does, but with our new /xundo command, we can more easily combat them. I would suggest that we can simply make youtube videos of our creations, new ones of course, they can see the awesome old ones when they come on, I'll begin building when I have the chance anything epic I can think up. We could all post this under an Apocalypse Pony youtube channel, which can be made in a heartbeat.
Another thing would be a new logo, and maybe a new forum design. Undoubtedly the one we have at the moment is neat but I think we need to freshen it up and add some more color and life to it. I was going to throw together a picture of a Black Pony with a fiery mane or something, but I'd love to see what you guys can come up with as well.

Okay, next we have the Other category, I'm putting this here now while I remember everything else I was going to say.
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Okay, Other. This covers command usage, the new implications of the money system, and more.
Commands. This was always something I thought was too strict, even operators couldn't do shit. We could ban people, undo them 5400 seconds, load maps, change physics, do backups. That's it. That's all MCLawl would allow us to do, but with MCForge, we have a new window of opportunity. This goes hand in hand with the money system quite nicely I think. We should open the store back up, and we can add a new section of it for buying maps, which maps should have a "/cmdset newlvl superop" applied to, and we should set the commands for colors and titles down to operator again, and I also approve of the gambling system.
Let's see, next we have two more things, it can be one or the other or both. I think we should either change the main tree, or make a new start level with all of the portals (I know how to do the portals btw), We can add a new thread in this suggestions for designs for the new main, and also for the apony insignia.
Next we have the forums in general, I've noticed that it isn't very active, by increasing the activity on the forums, it will allow us to communicate better, and I'd like to get to know all of you a lot better, we've been hiding behind our computer screens for far too long, on this matter, I have added a Live Chat, where we can use mics to talk to each other without typing, xertimof can add the link to the toolbar at the top its simply, nothing more.
Next we have a possible compromise to make, the beta server appears to be dead, I get on it maybe once to three times a week, and it is always a barren wasteland with no one there, considering this, I think we should look at another popular Indie game which has hit the shelves of the Steam Community, Terraria., Terraria is by many considered as a spinoff of Minecraft but as time is progressing they are beginning to see that it is more based around adventure, boss battles, and mining, it even has a little storyline, it is being updated just as minecraft is, and with a price tag of only 9.99, This 2D Mario-style adventure game is quite a bargain. I bought it in a heartbeat and I've loved it ever since, and my friend from Australia, Chris, is also making clients for it, and hosting for it is free as far as I know. I'm suggesting we take down the dead beta server and put up this new server, which I might add, takes up a paltry sum of memory compared to the Beta server does, maybe we can host all 3, or maybe we could have another person host the Terraria server. I don't know.
Next we have the server hosting. I am not sure whether or not this server is being hosted on a dedicated server, but if we get more donations, I am positive it would be a wise investment. Hosting the server dedicated will reduce the lag to nothing, and it will never go down!

Okay, next we have the Games.
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For the games I believe this would attract a lot of attention as well, I was thinking we could host monthly competitions for large sums of moneys, maybe we could integrate some sort of VIP thing where people who win get a statue in a map called Hall_Of_Fame or something like that, and they get extended access to the forums, and a promotion in the server for builder levels only, we could hold weekly events where people win just promotions and moneys, and Annual events which include Real Life Prizes!!!! I was thinking things like beta gift codes, gift cards, other prizes include Complete access to the forum functions, statues in the Hall of Fame, a name on the Wall of Fame, promotions in the server to anything up to Supervisor, lots of moneys, and a 256x256 map.

That's all I can think up for now, I'll edit this post and add more, post your suggestions and give your thoughts on mine!


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Post Re: My MANY Suggestions for the new server!
Store was already up before you posted. I was going to make a post about the money system.

*Give them 10 for an awesome building (Not quite good enough for the next rank).
*Give 5 for an alright build.
*Give 1 for a piece of shit building.

Make sure you tell the people to use /review. When checking.
Ops, we need to decide on the prices for the store.


Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:25 pm
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Post Re: My MANY Suggestions for the new server!
ranks, meh... could be good.
publicity, same as ^
other, same as ^
games, not so much but, ^
@ bulla
yeah, im thinking around 150-500 moneys for stuff (?)

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Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:38 pm
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Post Re: My MANY Suggestions for the new server!
Actually instead of Supervsor you should have Trainee-Operator or something along those lines.

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Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:38 am
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