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Post Ironman!
I think I might try this lol

Some people complain WoW is too easy. Well, for people who want a challenge, take part in the Iron Man Challenge! For those who have leveled primarily through dungeons this is a great excuse to get out there and see the world again! Never been to Redridge or Plaguelands since Cataclysm? You’ll be surprised how difficult they are with our limitations! Knowing what’s ahead is just as important as knowing your class, so remember to read quest text and follow the story as well. Rolling on an RP realm and updating us with stories of your exploits is encouraged but not required.

THE BIG ONE: If you die, EVER, that character is removed from the challenge.

Gear Rules:
1) No heirlooms
2) No items equipped other than White or Gray items (except Bags)
3) No item enhancements --enchants/spellthread/weapon chains/etc.

Consumable Rules:
4) No food buffs. Only white vendor-quality food & drink may be used.
5) No item buffs. No scrolls, elixirs, flasks, etc. (except Quest items)
6) No potions (except Quest items)

Spells & Abilities Rules:
7) You may train and use class abilities learned from trainers (including Rogue poisons)
8) No talent points/pet talent points
9) No specialization. No glyphs.

Gameplay Rules:
10) No guild perks. If you are guilded it must be a level 1 guild.
11) No questing groups. All combat must be soloed --parties to trade/portal/etc. are permitted
12) No battlegrounds/arenas
13) No dungeons/raids that reward experience. All leveling must be done out in the world.
14) No combating-enhancing addons (QuestHelper/Auctioneer/etc. are fine, use your own judgement)
15) No professions, primary or secondary, other than First Aid
16) No sending gold/items from other characters*

*You must earn your own gold/items via questing, looting, or trading/AHing.

The Iron Challenger is free to use the Auction House to make money and buy the occasional White or Gray item. This is allowed. You may even create a banker/auctioneer, provided they only store/post items that the Iron Challenger has earned. However, you may not receive either gold or items from your other characters. It is recommended that you reroll the Iron Challenger on a new server to avoid the temptation.


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