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Post IRC
Ok, part of you guys alredy know we've an IRC now, another piece knows that we wanted to make a "Forum" chat.
Thanks to xertimof, it's now even better.

If you did not notice yet, up to the left, in the menu bar, yeah there, you've a new button "IRC". Pretty self-explanatory.

Be sure to read the FAQ!

FAG, I mean, FAQ:

Spoiler: show
Q: Ok so, what's IRC?
A: You don't need to know, so fuck off. It's a chat, deal with it.

Q: So what do I need to know?
A: I'm glad you asked, what you need to know is that the chat [yeah, the one up there, we've been through this already] is connected to the MC Creative server, which means, you can read the msgs from the people INSIDE minecraft creative, and they can read you.

Q: That's awesome Meke! I can now be a happy butterfly and ban people without the need of going inside the game!
A: That's not a question you fucktard, still my shinny butterfly, there's something you should know: You can't. Any command you use will affect the IRC, not Minecraft.

Q: Aww, oh well, Then I'll log in MC and IRC just cause I'm a cool person.
A: Dude, what part of "FAQ" you did not get? And no silly buttfuck, you can be logged in only ONE PLACE, so choose wisely between MC or IRC. NO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

Q: So what happens if I wanna play Rambo on the internetz and log on both places?
A: You'll be first warned, after a while you'll be kicked. You try it again and you'll be permanently banned from IRC.

Q: My sister plays minecraft with me, we both join APony's servers, but I'm a flying dickhole and got myself banned from IRC, Does that affect her?
A: Yep, she won't be able to join, so think twice before playing Rambo over the internets.

Q: Dude, someone is using my nickname and talking as me! What can I do?
A: Well, when you join the IRC for first time, be sure to do /ns register [password] [email] and follow the instructions (if you can't follow the instructions, don't bother on joining IRC). The next time you log under the same nickname, you'll have to do /ns identify [password] or you'll be asked to change nickname. DO NOT loose your password. And enter a real e-mail.

Q: Some dickface registered my nickname! What the fuck?
A: That dickface is gonna get banned in minecraft creative server and IRC. Thank IP tracers.

Q: Ok, I'm gonna take the guess that you can't spam the shit outta everything in IRC, right?
A: Nope, just as minecraft, abusing of IRC or spam will be consider reason of ban.

Q: Meke I did not know, sorry, I got banned but I did not know about all this.. Help?
A: Nope, that's what you get for not reading the news. I made myself clear bunch of times, Read The News.

Q: Will The chat still work even if Creative server or are down?
A: Silly Silly cuntfag, that's the magic of the IRC. It will still work, even if Notch fails [like he's doing lately] or xertimof pc dies!

Q: Meke, you're awesome!
A: Shut up or I'll make your anus bleed.

Spoiler: show
Jedude and Nate38Omega have been already warned, just so you know.

Follow the rules and we can coexist.

Dear Operators, in my opinion, you should only use IRC if you can't use java [therefore, minecraft]. I don't want all the Operators inside IRC chating and masturbating, if you want that just give up the rank.


Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:00 pm
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Post Re: IRC

3D Bump. Suggestion added.


Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:24 pm
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